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Ving Hotel Key Cards

Ving card

Newline offers custom printed RFID keycards Vingcards  fobs  compatible with Ving lock systems. From RFID contactless smart  keycards  fobs to wristbands  we provide  hotels with the power of choice in selecting a key credential that aligns with the needs of their business and guests.

CUSTOM RFID smart KEYCARD PRINTING with your hotel branding, can open doors to more than just your hotel lock. They can open the door to new business opportunities and allow you to increase your profits. With a customized impression, your keycards can be a useful tool to promote your property, your chain or even your suppliers. Our range of  RFID keycard options also extends to the type of material used, with both traditional and eco-friendly materials available.

We also can custom print on RFID card to help your branding and image.Promote property facilities, such as restaurants and shops, let your guests know about special events or advertise local businesses or theme parks. The possibilities are endless.

Ving card rfid